The Truth about Safety in Mexico




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 Cuernavaca in August 

Aug 24, 2010, 10:08 AM


Recent threads inquire about the security / safety in Cuernavaca so I'll continue this theme by posting my impressions of the city and surrounds during August. I was in Cuernavaca for the first three weeks of August, and made side trips to Tepoztlan, Xochicalco and Taxco.


The bottom line is that while there is a noticeable security presence in the city (well armed police in public places and some military on occasion) and episodic drug violence, none of this should pose any concerns for North American visitors or diminish the enjoyment of trip to Cuernavaca. Indeed, I found the city significantly more relaxing from a personal security perspective than many North American cities that I visit regularly. Over the course of my visit I walked in many areas of the city including all of the central core (many times), more peripheral (but still quite nice) neighborhoods and I took taxis on a daily basis. I never felt uncomfortable much less concerned for my safety.


Of course, I used common sense. The few instances of drug violence were limited to places tourists don't visit, so I didn't go to such places, I didn't stay out late (in by 11:00 or so) and I didn't flash my wallet. Beyond that, I can't imagine a man or woman experiencing any significant problems with personal safety in Cuernavaca and having anything other than a terrific time.



The truth about safety in Mexico by Frank Koughan: